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(no subject)  
02:20pm 30/08/2006
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× I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days.  (They won't set up my cable until next week!!) I own lots of books.  (What can I say? I'm a nerd...lol)
I wear glasses or contact lenses. × I love to play video games. × I've tried marijuana.
× I've watched porn movies. I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.  (Yeah, I might classify myself as that....) × I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
× I curse sometimes. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
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(no subject)  
09:24am 20/07/2006
quick update of last night:

so last night i had one guy offer to buy me a shot, one guy told me i had a beautiful smile, i had three creepy guys try to dance wth me, one stalker type guy (who at one point, also tried to dance with me), my ears were ringing from the music, my legs were sore from dancing, i came home smelling like smoke and cheap beer, and when i changed into my PJ's, i had multiple pieces of confetti fall from my shirt....it was a fun night :)

more to come later
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(no subject)  
10:09pm 24/05/2006

i feel really accomplished because i've done so well this week with keeping up the studying and this semester i've just retained a LOT more info than i usually do in a semester which is really, really helping right now...like, i got a 194/200 on my nutrition exam that i studied all of 2 hours for, which knocks my grade for the class up to an A- (yay me!!) and with my A in my medtech class and an A or A- in my biochem lab, i just may make dean's list this semester =) yay for actually doing well for a semester....

and i am SO looking forward to being home! make some money and get a tan =) FABULOUS! i love living at the beach...although i know i'm going to miss some people up here while i'm downstate...=/...but i'm trying to get my dad to get the hookup for wireless internet so i can have my computer and i can talk to people online (his computer hates me and freezes up/crashed on me every single time i use it...no lie)

but now back to studying microbiology....
mood: stressedstressed
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(no subject)  
12:29am 30/04/2006
school is stressing me out...a lot...i burst into tears 3 times today meaning i've already hit my breaking point...fabulous...but then i went out to dinner and the stress kinda disappated and i spent the rest of the night smiling =) i totally don't want to jinx this, so i'm just going to stop here ;p
mood: giddygiddy
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(no subject)  
09:47pm 23/04/2006
Feel like giving? Help out the American Cancer Society by donating to my Relay for Life Team!!

For those who don't know, Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in which teams raise money and come together for one night where members from each team switch off throughout the night to walk the track in order to honor cancer survivors, pay tribute to the lives we’ve lost to the disease, and raise money to help fight it!!

Just click here to donate: http://www.acsevents.org/UD/nicolejb

ANY amount of money is appreciated (even if it's only $1!!) and I'll be collecting donations up until May 6th (the day of the event!).

and a big THANK YOU to anyone who donates!!!

x-posted EVERYWHERE!!!...lol...
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(no subject)  
02:02pm 04/04/2006

Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

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(no subject)  
04:35pm 16/03/2006
ok, so there have been 3 robberies now in 2 weeks at park place....2 of them in my building....i have talked to the cops twice in two weeks...dan was robbed during one of the robberies in my building...one was targeted (the one the night of my party), one was random (when dan was robbed), and the other one was in the parking lot...i'm slightly nervous about going out by myself now....especially cuz i live alone...the universe is mocking me again just because i told my dad two weeks ago that "everything was safe" and that "nothing happens around here" and that "i would be fine"...apparently i was wrong...
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my excite.com fortune...  
10:36am 08/03/2006
It's a good day for a resolution.

hmmm....on that note then, i am making a resolution to actually stick to giving up what i said i would for lent...it's going to sound pointless what i'm giving up but i'm giving up the foods i'm intolerant to (dairy, eggs, and sugar) + gluten/simple carbs....if you've seen the way i've been eating lately, then you would know it's not stupid...i've been eating way too much of that stuff and now almost everything is making me feel sick (which is why i started to feel really sick while only on my second drink at my party)...

i get obsessive with my food...ever since i found out i have some problems with foods (which we later learned to be intolerances...but it was very "trial and error" and at the time i had to be obsessive with my food)...when i get a taste of something i'm not supposed to have (say, cookies, cake, or cheese...but more so the sweets) i can't stop myself from eating too many until i basically make myself sick (with most of my intolerances, it takes about two weeks to start feeling bad)...it's an all or nothing with me...sad, i know...right now i have the sweets thing under control (getting the stomach virus and throwing up the cupcakes you just had kinda makes you not want to have them again...lol)...but it's everything else...i need a detox, and if i say i'm giving it up for lent, then i usually try really really hard to do it...am i using lent as a means to do something for myself? yes....but is it also something that is going to be really hard to do? absolutely! isn't that the point of lent? to give up something that is going to be difficult?

and now that i've written it down and other people know about it, i'll do it...

on another note....i feel old...i woke up this morning, and my back hurts...i slipped a disk or something in my upper-mid back and now i'm chugging down the advil...lol...and i can't get it to crack...if i could crack my back, this would right itself...
mood: in painin pain
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(no subject)  
10:09pm 06/03/2006
A group of scientists (who some might say have far too much time on their hands) have recently announced that love is biologically the same as eating large quantities of chocolate. If it's true, then why bother? Wouldn't it save us all an awful lot of time, energy and aggravation if we simply invested in Godiva and forgot about relationships? Maybe -- but in your case, especially now, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. Call them. Bring the chocolates with you.

chocolate and a boy? this could be good =p now where are they? lol...
mood: sleepysleepy
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21st Birthday Party  
10:27pm 05/03/2006
let me just say, this weekend was a BLAST!!! lol...it always gets amusing when you get all of my friends from high school together, but when you mix them with my UD friends and add some alcohol, you get a hilarious situation...cops, cake, and craziness!! =)

so around 10:00ish, my high school friends and a few others showed up and the party began...i had rum, peach schnops, and pineapple juice and once that one disappeared, the cup was magically refilled again..lol...as soon as i said "my cup is empty" i had 4 people jump to grab my cup and refill it again...the magically refilling cup...

soon after that, sheena, kt, and howie disappeared...next thing i know, kt's back and saying that there are cops downstairs (i'm thinking "fabulous...my first party and it's going to get busted") but the cops weren't there for me, they were there for a robbery that occured downstairs...within a half an hour though, the cops were knocking on my door asking if derek was with my party cuz he was downstairs and a witness to the crime...i was already majorly tipsy at this point, but luckily keith came with me and i was ok...

i come back inside and soon the lights go out and people are singing "happy birthday" to me...that was a mistake as kt decided it would be funny to smear cake in keith's face...i somehow get involved and got some nice blue-icing highlights in my hair as well as getting sugar shoved up my nose as i am laying on the floor with sheena laughing...lol...i get cleaned up and while still slightly sticky, things were still good...i hung out with keith and wil for a while in my kitchen and keith kept adding stuff to my drinks to make them stronger as apparently it was his goal to have me totally drunk by the end of the night...helped some, but didn't exactly work...lol...the cake though, has a story unto itself...

sheena and kt went to kt's car to get the cake, and brought howie along cuz sheena didn't trust herslef in carrying the cake upstairs...so howie has the cake and as i joke went "wouldn't it be funny if..." and pretended to throw the cake in sheena's face...and then the cake proceeded (in slow motion i've been told) to slip right out of howie's hands and straight onto the ground...lol...

after that, the cops showed up again to question me about the robbery...i found it amusing that once the cop told me i should keep things down since it was getting late, i listen back into my apartment and it was silent...lol...

then i get icing smeared on my face again and just when i start cleaning that up, i get the rest of the cake shoved in my face...yes, that's right, the rest of the cake...shoved into my face by (take a wild guess who) keith...some of the cake fell on the floor as did i, so needless to say, once i got up i was smeared in icing...i never even got to try a piece of my cake...

i then came back in and almost everyone had already crashed, so i decided to crash too...gave reid a kiss on the cheek first cuz he said he felt jealous and left out cuz i gave someone else a kiss on the cheek and not him...lol...at some point in the morning, i wake up and go to the bathroom, and when i come back, derek was in my bed...lol...so i grabed my pillow and blanket and crashed on my couch instead...

then me, sheena, kt, and heather took jordan back to west chester and spent the entire morning probably acting like we were drunk and laughing the whole time...lol...i love my friends!! <3<3<3
mood: amusedamused
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