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07:33pm 30/04/2007
so i was curious and went online and found some relatively in depth ADD screening tests (i can NOT pay attention in class and day dream waaay too much so i was curious) and all 3 screening tests told me the same thing: have a very high probability of having Inattentive Type ADD....haha, could explain some stuff

and then my mom and i have always had discussions about how we think we are mildly dyslexic because of things we say or do....while looking at ADD tests i came across this dyslexia website....here's what fits me:

*Misspell many words—even though they often use only very simple one-syllable words that they are "sure" they know how to spell

*Left-Right confusion:
-Even adults have to use whatever tricks their mother or teacher taught them to tell left from right. It never becomes rapid and automatic.
-A common saying in household with dyslexic people is, "It's on the left. The other left."
-That's why they are b-d confused. One points to the left and one points to the right.

*In school, this leads to difficulty learning history facts: dates, names, and places. Dyslexic students do well in history classes that emphasize why some event happened, and the consequences of that event, rather than rote memorization of dates and names.

*People with dyslexia have an extremely difficult time organizing their belongings. They tend to pile things rather than to organize them and put them away. It is almost as though if they can't see item (if it is behind a door or in a drawer), they will forget where it is.

*People with dyslexia are often gifted in math. Their three-dimensional visualization skills help them "see" math concepts more quickly and clearly than non-dyslexic people however the following math tasks are difficult: Memorizing addition and subtraction facts, Memorizing multiplication tables, Reading word problems.

*I didn't see a difference when I first read these: form vs. from, trial vs. trail, lots vs. lost, and girl vs. grill....

*With enormous effort, they may be able to "memorize" Monday's spelling list long enough to pass Friday's spelling test, but they can't spell those very same words two hours later when writing those words in sentences.

*Misspells even when copying something from the board or from a book.

*Written work shows signs of spelling uncertainty--numerous erasures, cross outs, etc.

Y*oung children will often put their head down on the desk to watch the tip of the pencil as they write.

*(I used to have this one as a kid, but I've learned to correct it since): Unusual pencil grip, often with the thumb on top of the fingers (a "fist grip")

*The pencil is gripped so tightly that the child's hand cramps. The child will frequently put the pencil down and shake out his/her hand.

by the way, i'm not saying i actually have ADD or mild dyslexia or i should be put on medications or anything...i just find it interesting how many symptoms i seem to correlate with, haha....
mood: amusedamused
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