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why can't life come with an instuction manual?  
04:51pm 12/10/2006
sometimes i wish my mind, my heart, and my gut intuition could all come to the same decision at the same time instead of playing these games with me...haha...

i feel like i'm kinda at a place right now where i like being single...so far this semester i've had some crushes, but i've still felt like i've wanted to stay single...is that weird? i guess i kinda feel like i like the attention, but i'm busy enough without trying to start up a relationship...i dunno...i kinda change when i'm in a relationship...i start paying more attention to the relationship and less time on things like schoolwork and such...and right now, my grades and schoolwork are really important to me...so i'm very comfortable with the whole being single thing even though for the past 2 years i have wanted a relationship, haha...normally, this whole single thing would be fine...but there is a boy, and my heart/emotions says "let's see where it goes" while my intuition says "you don't want a relationship right now" while my head is trying to take the rational route saying "but he's a good guy and would be good for you and wouldn't hurt you" which all sounds good saying 2 out of 3 agree, but i can't do anything if my intuition doesn't agree...if i disobey it then everything just feels wrong and then everything in the universe gets out of wack and bad things happen to me...haha...i dunno...i am all kinda of confused...i guess for now i'll just let it go and see what happens...

mood: confusedconfused
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03:53am 13/10/2006 (UTC)
that's like my mantra this year. Let's just see how things go. We're ridiculous.
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