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you know you're a band dork if...  
07:20pm 12/09/2006
haha, i found this on some website and edited it so it's only the ones that apply to me :p (only proving my band dorkiness even more, haha)

you know you’re a band dork if...
1. you can't walk and chew bubble gum, but you can march a perfect 8 per 5 with your eyes closed
2. you hear music and begin to mark time
3. you don't take double tonguing as a dirty joke
4. you actually remember "this one time, at band camp..."
5. you're in step with the people in front of you
6. you think band camp is fun
7. you point out key changes and dynamics when listening to the radio
8. all your friends are in band
9 you respond to "band geek/dork"
10. someone blows a whistle and your head automatically snaps up
11. every guy you're interested in is in band (is there something wrong with that? haha)
12. all of your conversations eventually get around to the subject of band
13. ...unless you started them, because then they're already about band
14. you think it's funny to write on a trumpet with a dry erase marker (dude, i want to try that!)
15. making a line is your biggest accomplishment of the day
16. everyone wants to kill the other football team...and you want to kill the other band
17. you’ve been to your director’s house
18. you own a band shirt
19. you can put on a uniform in under ten minutes
20. you decide that you want to learn every single band instrument before you graduate
21. you like being in places with egotistical trumpet players (TFL!!)
22. you no longer think it's weird to be referred to as a number on a drill sheet
23. you can automatically recite the first 7 letters of the alphabet
24. ...and you can't remember the other 19
25. you roll-step so you don't spill your lunch (haha, yeah, i have actually done this one before)
26. you talk more about band than anything else
27. ...accidentally
28. you've ever started a sentence with, "There was this one time at band camp..."
29. ...without realizing it
30. you have an involuntary foot tapping to any music
31. you know more people in band than in your graduating class (or in my major)
32. you've ever been hysteric over a piece of music
33. you look forward to rehearsal
34. ...and didn't realize this was weird
35. you start to refer to football season as marching season
36. ...you always have
37. you can hum, play, and sing your parts (and the parts of other sections too...)
38. you think marching in the rain is fun
39. you ran for band staff
40. you're on band staff
41. your favorite piece is something you played in band
42. you don't try to hide the fact that you're in band
43. you can't wait for school to start because you want to go to band
44. you've ever liked someone purely because of their talent as a musician (heck yeah! talent = hottness!!)
45. you met more than three of your closest friends at band camp
46. you've ever practiced three or more hours non-stop
47. when your calendar has more band stuff on it than your whole family does for their entire lives
48. even the people at band camp tell you you're too much of a band dork
49. you get all the jokes on this list
50. ...and aren't offended by them.

haha...so how many of these apply to anyone else reading this? lol
mood: amusedamused
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05:01am 13/09/2006 (UTC)
a lot of those things apply to me....not that I'm admitting to it or anything. I'm just saying.
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